We Are Domo

Hiya! We’re the people behind Domo. We’re really proud of the gang that we’ve put together and we’re passionate about what we do. If you think your face would look good on this page, check out our careers page!

  • Olly Culverhouse, C.E.O
    Olly Culverhouse, C.E.O
    Le Grand Fromage
  • Jessie Davies
    Jessie Davies
    Head of Pictures & Words
  • Peter Lunt
    Peter Lunt
    Maker of Things
  • Anna Doherty
    Anna Doherty
    Customer Success Champion
  • Chris Thomas
    Chris Thomas
    Digital Marketing Maverick
  • Sophie Torry-Cook
    Sophie Torry-Cook
    Content Connoisseur
  • Tom McFadyen
    Tom McFadyen
    Digital Marketing Dynamo
  • Katy-Marie Tecks
    Katy-Marie Tecks
    Office Manager
  • Mike Waterworth
    Mike Waterworth
    Full Stack Developer
  • Tom Dickinson
    Tom Dickinson
    Full Stack Developer
  • Aaron Bell
    Aaron Bell
    Customer Success Champion
  • Max McCormick
    Max McCormick
    Junior Frontend Developer
  • Zep
    Relationship Manager