Invested In You

As a company that prioritises our employees’ growth, we regularly review performance and roles, encourage feedback, and offer a budget for training. Many of our Domosapiens have risen through the ranks of their team to become leaders and take on new ownership areas throughout their time at Domo. Read some of our success stories below.


Domo Perks

We give you the freedom to grow and work however you work best, no judgment.

  • Flexi Hours
  • Flexible Remote Work Policy
  • Unlimited Paid Holiday
  • Company Retreats
  • Cycle To Work Scheme




  • Healthcare cashback & Mental Health Support
  • Family Friendly Policies
  • High Street Discounts
  • Training Budget
  • Pension & Life Insurance

Diversity, Inclusion & Equality At Domo

At Domo we encourage everyone to be themselves, which means being open to everyone, no matter your skill set, background race, or gender, we aim to create an inclusive environment where everyone feels comfortable and trusted.




Mission Statement:
“To advocate, educate, champion, and lead the way for diversity and inclusion within Domo and our wider community.”





Equality At Our Core

We’re committed to keeping a level playing field for everyone, that means we’re constantly taking a step back to look at how we can create a more diverse workplace and encourage everyone to reach their potential.

Our strong team of female leaders inspire their teams everyday to reach for more, coupled with our core value to Push The Boundaries.


Championing Change

We’ve collected a crack team of Diversity, Inclusion, Culture, and Equality champions to further improve DOMO’s inclusive culture and help educate ourselves and others in the community. With a clear vision in mind, we aim to create a safe work environment where everyone feels welcome. We hold frequent DICE company-wide training sessions and have some exciting upcoming projects to involve our surrounding community.





Our Green Mission

As Signable Electronic Signing is one of our main brands under the DOMO Group umbrella, we feel strongly about actively helping combat climate change. We believe change comes in all shapes and sizes and if we all do our bit we can make a massive difference.

So, our ‘bit’ takes the shape of donating a percentage of our profits to Stripe Climate. Stripe Climate was founded by the fintech company Stripe, which works with emerging ‘Carbon Removal’ technology firms. Members’ donations then go towards scaling up these technologies to help lower the amount of Carbon in the atmosphere.



Training In Action

Domo supplies a budget for everyone to expand their learning outside of the office. Over the years our teams have traveled to Helsinki, Amsterdam, San Diego, and Brighton for a range of different conferences.

For A Charitable Cause

Giving back is part of the Domo culture, so we’re frequently seen raising money for a range of charities including running Bristol 10K for Bowel Cancer UK and taking part in a sponsored Go-Kart tournament for Jessie May.

This year Signable launched an initiative to give registered charities a discounted rate on all plans. Just another way we’re giving back. If you’re interested in learning more, see here. 

Pub, Grub & Countryside Retreats

Yep, that’s right, we love a Friday beer with the team, who doesn’t? Frequent team nights out, gaudy birthday hats, over-the-top Christmas parties, and a yearly retreat to the countryside are all things you can expect as a Domosapien!



Domo Dogs

Our furry employees visit the office to provide crucial love and tail wags. Meet Eevee, Moose, and Carla, plus friends! Eevee (bottom right) is our resident Relationship Manager and is on hand most days to help you with any spare snacks and belly pats.