What is it like to work here?

This is a quick look at what’s different about working here than other businesses.

Our Values

We’re a passionate group, dedicated to making work fun. Our key values are so important to everyday life at Domo that they were moulded directly from the team and are a vital part of our culture. Trust and ownership are two of our favourite words and you’ll soon love them as well. From day one, you are given full responsibility and trust to carry out your job. Own it at Domo. You will have complete ownership of your own area of Domo, make it yours, work with other people on it, enjoy it and make a difference. Transparency is another word that we love. The transparency at Domo is visible in everything that we do. All of the team are kept in the loop from big company decisions 

Our Goals

We are committed to creating an environment which allows for constant personal and professional development. This alongside ensuring that we all have the perfect work/life balance while doing some really meaningful work. The shared goals and ambitions that we are working towards transcend the boundaries of each team. We work towards shared goals and every member of the team plays a vital role in achieving them.